Longacres Garden Centre

Longacres Garden Centre, one of the largest independent garden centres in the UK, had an ageing CCTV system which they were looking to update. The existing system was providing fairly low-quality video footage, and it was proving costly to add or upgrade cameras.


Network Technologies were able to use the existing data network infrastructure to deploy Axis Communications network cameras into a number of indoor and outdoor areas around the centre. A new file server was purchased to run Axis Camera Station surveillance software, which handles event monitoring and recording.


Given that we were able to utilise the existing network infrastructure, we were able to provide a brand new, high-quality surveillance solution for a relatively small investment. As we carefully selected specific cameras for each location within the centre the image quality is excellent. When collecting footage after an incident, even the police have remarked on the superb quality. Longacres are also particularly impressed with the ease of installation and configuration of the cameras, which has meant that all of the cameras have been implemented by their own IT staff.

Having installed more than 16 cameras and the associated software, we have been extremely impressed with our Axis products, and the sales and follow-up support from Network Technologies has been superb.

Michael Ainley, IT Manager, Longacres Garden Centre

The future

IP-CCTV is incredibly flexible: additional cameras can be added indoors or outdoors, wherever the garden centre’s network goes. The range of equipment is ever-growing, so whatever the application new cameras can be added and existing cameras can be upgraded or relocated by the garden centre’s own IT staff.